My garden visitor-who wasn't a gnome!

A Visitor in my Garden and he isn't a Gnome.

     One of the joys of living on a rural mountain in Montana, is seeing and interacting with various forms of wildlife.  This male red fox often visits my garden.  He has a mate who raises her young in a den nearby our house, and has been doing so for the last several years.
     Sometimes , I will look out my dining room patio doors and see this fellow peering in with curiosity. I continue to remind him that his job is to catch the rodents on the property, he then turns away and goes about his business.

     We see him all year long, and I do enjoy his company.  However, I have to to be careful, because we have a small dog named Penny that we have to protect from predators, including this handsome fellow.     

     If you want to read more about our "wild life", look up my books "Go West, Young Woman!" and "Stay West, Young Woman!"  My third book will be available soon.   

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