Rescuing Star- The Vet's Prognosis

***Star Update***
The vet gave Star a check up. He does have a stifle injury with severe swelling and some damage in his hip. She also found some melanoma cancer that is treatable. He has some scar tissue from an injury and other issues under his tail. We are working with that too. We started anti-inflammatory medications. Even with all the work ahead, the prognosis is a good one. I'll post another update in a week or so...

***Whiskey Update***

She also looked at Whiskey who had stopped eating 3 days earlier. He is my 31 year old Morgan. We believe it's an abscessed tooth and he is undergoing treatment now, he is nibbling his food this morning, so I think we have turned the corner. Thanks for all the good wishes, I know it helps.

We all appreciate your interest and the kindness you all have shown for our rescue animals.  Many thanks, from all of us at Cimarron.


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