New Ebook!

                                                               New Ebook

When I was a child, books were my favorite gift of all. Nothing compared to the possibilities of the wonders that awaited me as I read a book. I used to hold a paperback in my hands and dare to dream of what my future held in store for me. It has been my experience that thoughts have a special magical power. While reading my book I hope you find a little magic of your own. Here’s a Montana sized “Thank You” for coming west with us; I am much obliged. I also would be delighted and honored to hear from you, so if you have a comment or question, please feel welcome to contact me through my website. 

"Stay West, Young Woman!" (The sequel to "Go West, Young Woman!")  is now an Ebook!  It can be downloaded to any device, a computer, kindle reader or phone, for the price of $4.99.  I hope you enjoy the next five years of our story.   Purchase Stay West, Young Woman!

If you would like to see the book trailer, visit this link.
Stay West, Young Woman! book trailer it's really fun, it's like taking a one minute trip to the mountains of Montana.


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