Saturday, June 9, 2018

"Come West" in the New Book Trailer!

My family's Homesteading Adventure continues….

In my new book, Stay West, Young Woman!

I hope you can enjoy our western life too, through my books , art and videos.  This has truly been an exciting new life for us all.  In fact, the other day, we had a grizzly bear near our horse corrals. I will be sharing that story in a future High Noon Tea, and have written about it in the new book as well.  Below is the book synopsis and I hope you enjoy the book trailer, I just love the music!

Have you ever had the strong desire to move across the country and experience a dramatic change of lifestyle? What would happen if you did and how well would you adjust to it?

Stay West, Young Woman! continues the true homesteading adventures from Go West, Young Woman!, the story of how an inexperienced military family makes the dramatic transition from eastern urban living to “retirement” on a rugged Montana mountainside. Continuing to face mercurial weather, unorthodox neighbors, wild animals, and the challenges of an ever expanding family of dogs and horses, they greet their days with determination and a sense of humor, as they decide their fate while living life along America’s great Continental Divide. The book can be ordered on pre-order through the publisher at this link. The Ebook should be available in a few weeks. paperback Book Book video Trailer Amazon YouTube channel

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