This is for the Birds!

This little Downy woodpecker has stayed with us all winter.  Most every day she visits us during our lunch break, and we watch her find just the right seed.  Along with other birds who visit, it's an enjoyable few minutes.  I like to think it's a sign of spring, but more snow is expected this evening.  That's life on a Montana mountain.  

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I'm a wildlife artist and author. I live on the side of a mountain in Montana near the Continental Divide with my family, where I write and paint about our frontier lifestyle. We left Washington D.C. when my husband retired from the military.  We wanted a change, of lifestyle and we got it!  I admit I'm a fish out of water here, and I'm learning how to blend my city ways with our new rural western life, so, I'm surviving the wilderness in style.  Our new neighbors are cougars, bears, and wolves.  I hope you enjoy our real pioneer experiences, with wildlife encounters, horse and dog rescue, baking, gardening, art, decorating, landscape photography, and much more.  I hope to see you on the mountain, laugh and learn with me.


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