Dinner Guest

Dinner Guest

     My horses, Wilson, Whiskey, and Star, didn't invite this fellow to supper.  An elk jumped over the corral panels, pushed the horses away from their food, and went into the hay storage area, where he proceeded to try and eat everything in sight. 

     We had to come to the rescue and scare him away.  I feel bad for the wildlife this particular winter. It is one of the worst ones we have experienced.  I wish we could share our food with them.  In truth, we are running low on hay this year, and have already begun to supplement the horses diet with store bought feed.  I think we are all ready for spring to arrive, but it's several months away.

I hope you have enjoyed coming along on our family journey of learning how to live on a mountain in the American west.  You can learn about more of our frontier lifestyle through my award winning books, art, and videos on my website.   


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