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Being a wildlife Artist an Author is a blessing in my life that I try to pass along and share with others. 

Thoughts from the easel...I believe art has a purpose other than decorating our walls. I think it can touch our minds and our hearts. When I sit down to create art, I think about how best to give an animal or bird a soul and how to foster an emotion on canvas, paper, or precious metal. If I can have a positive effect in someone's life, then my work has served an important purpose. I remember a particular story of a woman who lived alone. She told me of the forlornness she felt each day sitting by herself for every meal. After she framed and hung up my barn owl limited edition print in her dining room, she noticed how lifelike the image was and so gave it a name. As time passed she began to talk to it and soon she no longer dreaded mealtime because she felt as though she had some company. It is a true blessing for me when clients write and tell me how my art has made them or a loved one happy. Each of their personal stories is remarkable and unique, and their enjoyment keeps me motivated, making my work a pleasure.Before I create an artwork, I first have to make some kind of a connection with the subject bird or animal. I prefer to physically handle and study the wildlife prior to painting, drawing, or sculpting it. I look for its individual personality, as well as what physical and behavioral characteristics are common to its species. Above all I want to evoke a feeling and understanding of what is amazing about them in nature. It is challenging work. I have laughed and enjoyed animal antics and I have also escaped some potentially serious injuries. Working with wild animals is a risk and I handle them carefully with an educated and well thought out plan. Happily, I rarely suffer a boring day and I am always learning something new. To experience the call of the natural world one must be silent, so I prefer solitude when I am at my easel. Through quiet introspection I contemplate the best way to portray the special qualities of each subject, be it the fierce strength, vulnerability, graceful beauty, determination, cunning, or loyalty common to its species. I hope each time you look into the eyes and study the body language of the animals in my artwork, you will see and feel these emotions. If so, then I have succeeded in helping you find your own connection to nature through art. Book Book video Trailer Amazon Publisher


  1. A lovely blog. I liked the tale of the lonely woman. Art can offer so much to us all. I loved how it becomes part meditation

    1. Thank you, Carol, nice to know you feel the same. I hope, as time passes, even more people will find comfort in my artwork.


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