Montana Traffic Jam

When I left Washington D.C, I thought traffic jams were a thing of the past.  I thought my days of dodging cars and pedestrians were over.  Never again would I get stuck behind some obstacle to my destination.  Can a country road be just as frustrating as a six lane highway?  Perhaps not as frustrating, but close. 

One sunny day I was driving down my road, when I saw a herd of elk in the lower pasture.  They looked up in alarm when they saw my vehicle, and began to run up the hill towards the road I was driving on.  One would think they would run in the opposite direction of what caused them such a fright, but no, they came blindly running across the road in front of my car, while in a desperate effort to avoid me!

Part of my road crosses a neighbor's grazing fields. After my narrow escape of being trampled by elk, I encountered cows napping in the road, blocking my progress.  After much horn blowing and inching forward, some of them moved over to the edge of the road.  One particularly terrified cow continued to run in front of me, looking back every few seconds to see if I was still there.  Oh no! that thing is still after me, I have to run faster, faster!  her face said it all.  After a minute or so, it finally occurred to her, to just run down the hill out of my path, where she finally stopped.  With heaving sides from being out of breath, she relayed her narrow escape to all her friends. I saw them, clustered in a group, as they offered her comfort.

So yes, I have traffic on the road.  It just has four legs instead of four wheels.


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